Cotton Candy Sky LLC

Does this sound like you?

Your time is valuable. Investing in a bookkeeper or accountant can free up hours of your time to better direct and grow your business.

"My CPA says I need a bookkeeper"

Let's face it, CPA's are a lot more expensive than bookkeepers and accountants. I can help by reducing some of your costs.

"My bookkeeping is a little out of control - where do I start?"

Whether you need a one time set up or some ongoing support there's no need to be embarrassed. I've seen it all!

"I want to save on expenses by doing my own bookkeeping but I need help with setting up software like QuickBooks"

I offer set up services and training for QuickBooks. I can be available for support with difficult issues when needed.

"I am thinking about transitioning to another software or possibly using QuickBooks online version"

Having a professional provide some consulting can save a lot of heartburn down the road when making these decisions.

"I already use QuickBooks but I can't be sure am I doing everything 100% accurately"

I can do periodic reviews or be available for tricky questions or issues when dealing with QuickBooks.

"I love running my own business but I hate running reports, trying to remember all of the sales tax, payroll and reporting requirements"

I pride myself on keeping my clients informed, helping them to meet deadlines, and keeping them posted about changes in payroll and sales taxes.You can count on me!